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Sales Independent Contractor Application

Come and be a part of the ever-expanding Southeast Publications Family. Our deep-rooted passion for the RV Lifestyle drives us to assist our esteemed partner businesses in achieving remarkable growth through our unparalleled products.

Distinguished as the sole company offering the most generous commissions, exceptional residual income opportunities, enticing sign-on bonuses, and beyond, we are committed to your success. Unlike others, we never impose a rigid “route” for you to follow; instead, you have the freedom to choose your own path and explore the destinations that speak to you.

As a valued member of our team, you will receive top-notch training, ensuring that you are equipped with the necessary skills to excel. In addition, you will have access to your very own virtual program, empowering you to effortlessly manage your projects and unleash your full potential.

Embrace this unparalleled opportunity and join us today, as we stand tall as the indisputable industry leader. Together, let’s pave the way to a prosperous future.

Independent Contractor


Independent Contractor


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Date of Birth
Have you ever applied for employment with us
Do you own an RV?
Do you own a Tow Car?
Do you travel with Pets?
Do you travel with dependents?
Are you free to travel?
Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States?
Have you ever worked in advertising sales?
Do you have a working printer and scanner?
Do you consider yourself a people person?
Do you have computer skills?
Are you familiar with site maps and area guides?
Southeast Publications holds an annual meeting for all Southeast Publications Associates. If accepted, would you be able to attend?
Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?
Have you ever been discharged from any position?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime in the past ten years, excluding misdemeanors and summary offenses which has not been annulled, expunged or sealed by a court?
Has your applications for a bond ever been declined, or has your bond been cancelled?
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