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About us

About Us

Southeast Publications, a subsidiary of SEPI Marketing, was established back in 1986, marking several decades of our unwavering presence. Our exceptional and affable teams, consisting of skilled professionals in the RV domain, possess a remarkable talent for fostering connections between advertisers and their respective local RV Resorts and Campgrounds. With an unparalleled number of personnel, we proudly boast the most extensive team of marketing associates within our industry.

While our headquarters are nestled in the vibrant locale of Deerfield Beach, Florida, our reach extends far beyond. We cater to the entirety of the United States and Canada, ensuring that our services transcend geographical boundaries. With our state-of-the-art printing presses and an unwavering workforce of 40 dedicated employees, we maintain the capability to deliver excellence at all times. It is worth noting that all our publications are meticulously crafted from the finest grade of recycled paper, employing environmentally conscious soy ink.

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing nothing short of the absolute best value to our esteemed customers. This encompasses not only the production of premium Guest Guides but also the robust promotion of our valued partners. Recognizing the paramount importance of digital marketing in the current landscape, we have invested significantly in cutting-edge platforms such as and The RV Bunch.

We firmly believe that a Guest Guide’s true utility lies in disseminating information about the sponsors and the resort to a wider audience, enabling them to appreciate the offerings and locate the featured advertisers effortlessly.

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