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Local Alliances

According to a 2022 study by Statista, it is reported that most campers typically travel less than 50 miles to reach their preferred camping spot. However, interestingly, 16% of campers are willing to travel over 200 miles to reach their desired camping destination.

Considering this information, it becomes evident that engaging with the local business community can be highly beneficial for outdoor hospitality locations such as campgrounds. When a campground establishes connections with local businesses, it can effectively spread the word about its offerings to a larger pool of camping enthusiasts within a 50-mile radius. The proximity of local businesses to the campground means that they have the potential to attract not only their own customers but also their customers’ family members, friends, and relatives who may be interested in camping experiences.

The concept of treating the guest guide as a chamber of commerce is a great way to tap into this potential. By building mutually beneficial business alliances with local establishments, campgrounds can expand their reach and attract a previously untapped audience of potential guests. These alliances can take various forms, such as cross-promotions, special discounts or offers for campground guests, joint marketing campaigns, or even shared events or activities. Through these collaborations, the campground can leverage the existing customer base and reputation of local businesses to attract new campers within the 50-mile radius.

By utilizing the local business community as a valuable resource, campgrounds can enhance their visibility, create a strong network of referrals, and establish themselves as an integral part of the local camping ecosystem. This approach not only benefits the campground but also supports the growth and development of the surrounding businesses, forming a symbiotic relationship that can lead to increased bookings, positive word-of-mouth, and a thriving camping experience for all parties involved.

Overall, recognizing the potential of engaging with the local business community and establishing strategic alliances can be a powerful strategy for campgrounds to expand their reach, attract new campers, and create a mutually beneficial ecosystem within the 50-mile radius

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