Do you want to engage RV Travelers socially? The MobileRVing Community is VERY SOCIAL! Currently we have over 61,000 Facebook Fans, over 550,000 Google Page Views and strong presences on PinterestInstagramYoutube and Twitter.

We average about 2,000 new Facebook Fans every month and almost 60,000 additional Google Plus Page views in a month as well. To grow our Youtube audiences, we send out flm crews to your resort to film your property for promotion within this network, an expense not afforded to resorts anywhere else. All of our networks grow monthly and we even have a dedicated Social Media marketing department to ensure we have highly useful and relevant content that socially engages with our community of RV Travelers.

How can Southeast Publications help you reach out to RV Travelers Socially? Well every Southeast Publication’s property has an opportunity to become a “Featured Property”, this means that we will deploy an editorial regarding your resort to these social media networks, which also includes a write up within the MobileRVing Community Newsletter (35,000 RV Travelers Subscribe), front page write up on the website and an opportunity to be interviewed by the MobileRVing Podcast!

When you work with Southeast Publications, our reach into the RV Traveler community has no peers. We will bring awareness to your Resort and fill spaces so our partners and their sponsors can benefit from our ever increasing efforts.