November 06, 2018
Development / Media

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Plantation, FL – Southeast Publications will be attending the Tampa Super Show January 17th, 2018.For the second year in a row, Southeast Publications, a division of SEPI Marketing, will be attending the Tampa Super Show next month to distribute their partner campgrounds Guest Guides. The service, offered to Southeast Publications Campground partners, is offered at no cost.

In the past two years, Southeast Publications has used its success in advertising sales to offer more free services like their tradeshow promotions for their campground partners. Carlene Morris, Vice President of Southeast Publications states, “We are always looking to promote camping and those that support outdoor recreation. Last year we invested tens of thousands of dollars highlighting our partner campgrounds through digital advertising on platforms like Facebook, Google and Bing.”

Southeast Publications has cataloged over 300 partner campground videos that have been produced at no cost to campground owners as well. The videos are promoted on and’s YouTube channel. According to the company, their videos currently have over 200,000 views, which accounts for almost 3,335 hours of promotion for their RV Resort partners.

Carlene Morris continues, “We have adopted the philosophy that if you give enough you will get back meaningful business results.” her sentiment was echoed by Business Development Director Brian McGuinn, “Look at companies like Google. They give us Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Translate, to name only a few of their free services. They don’t wait for us to show loyalty, they give it because it makes their service more useful and valuable to users.”

Southeast Publications plans on distributing more of their partners’ Guest Guides at Tradeshows in 2018 going forward. McGuinn believes that both print and digital have their place in just about any industry, “Studies show that women prefer to hold information in their hands before they visit the computer to investigate a product or service further. Integrating digital and print marketing reaches more consumers because it taps into a wider variety of buying patterns. It also solidifies sales because one reinforces the other. When we go and distribute Guest Guides to our partners’target customers, I would imagine that after the show, most of those Guest Guides are pulled out and those properties researched further online.”

McGuinn feels certain that those Guides produce bookings for their customers. Those bookings produce demand for their publications, the demand for the marketing collateral creates business for the advertisers. “It’s a perfect harmony of businesses helping each other in a highly competitive market like our country’s,” says McGuinn.

With the RV industry at its height, small businesses near campgrounds and RV Resorts are reporting excellent sales and overall growth in their respective markets. Southeast Publications believes that the ongoing advertising growth they are experiencing will translate into more value to provide their partners and to those interested in learning the value of outdoor recreation.