SEPI Marketing ARVC OHCENovember 7th  ARVC OHCE  cannot come soon enough for SEPI Marketing. “We are eager to show our current and prospective customers the radical changes we’ve made to help RV resorts and campgrounds consolidate their ever-growing lists of vendors,” states Brian McGuinn, Director of SEPI Marketing’s business development division.

Southeast Publications, a division of SEPI Marketing, has been servicing the campground industry since 1986 by creating guest guides for RV resorts and campgrounds. During the time between then and now, SEPI Marketing has made it their mission to focus on helping campground owners market and service their properties as efficiently as possible.  This includes installing time management efficiencies through technology, reducing unnecessary costs, enabling positive guest experiences and reaching new audiences for their partners by developing and utilizing an omnichannel marketing platform.

Recently, SEPI Marketing launched their digital marketing agency and in just under two years they have become a trusted resource for web design, SEO, and SEM strategies. Their current portfolio of campgrounds includes over 40 outdoor hospitality locations that range from membership properties to privately held RV parks and campgrounds. Lead Developer Mir Alsagha indicates, “Our focus is traffic. You can have the most beautiful website that no one ever sees.”

Mir indicates that while having campground layout and design expertise from the Southeast Publications team is a definite advantage, the highest value we can offer is searchability and retention. For Mir, that means measuring website performance data to create an optimal user experience. Recently, Brian McGuinn gave a presentation at the National Association of State Park Directors regarding the importance of analyzing website user behaviors. “The first thing we do before taking on any website project is asking the client where they want their website visitors to go, and how can we remove the barriers for users getting to that place.” SEPI Services are offered free to the campground or at extremely reduced rates to shave costs for property owners. In fact, SEPI Marketing offers their web design service and SEO services at a price point that often is 50% less than other agencies that specialize in web design and marketing for outdoor recreational properties.

Keeping in step with their mission to help with campground operational efficiencies, SEPI Marketing has launched MySites Reservations, a robust program that is free for campground and RV resort owners. The system is quickly gaining traction in the campground space because, according to the company, it has all the modern technologies of any system currently available. The company also indicates that the technology integrates with and receives referrals from, another SEPI Marketing company.

“We do not charge for referrals. We want bookings for our campground partners. has grown its audience through trust and consistency. We do everything we can within this platform to build excitement about camping, and our viewership has grown exponentially because of that.” states McGuinn. is an advertising platform where RV related businesses, RV Resorts and Campgrounds advertise their locations, goods and services. The platform integrates with MobileRving 4.0, a mobile application found for free on both iTunes and Google Play.  “We are at a point now where we can generate meaningful traffic for all of our SEPI Marketing partners through and this is data we are prepared to discuss at our booth at the ARVC OHCE.” says McGuinn.

According to the company, SEPI intends on primarily focusing on the Outdoor Hospitality industry and intends on continuing to offer their services for free or at a price that cannot be matched anywhere else. “We have a number of customers right now that use our Guest Guide Service, Web Design, SEO Services and Reservations application. I know for a fact we’ve relieved quite a bit of stress from how they were operating before versus how they are now.”

SEPI doesn’t intend on stopping there according to the company. McGuinn indicates there are several major projects underway to increase their reach within the consumer market. Their service is projected to continue to upgrade their technological capabilities for the benefit of campground owners in 2019.




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