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September 1, 2018 – Plantation, FL – SEPI Marketing announces the new release of its MobileRVing RV Trip planner widget for websites that cater to outdoor enthusiasts.

Director of Business Development Brian McGuinn states, “We actually have quite a bit of demand for our RV Trip Planner to be installed within websites for RV Dealers and other RV related services. I think it makes sense because the audience is so targeted and keeping them on the site longer will help those businesses from a search engine point of view.”

Brian indicates that the widget is easy to install on any content management system from WordPress to Drupal. “All you have to do is copy the code snippet to one of your pages, and that’s it.” Says Brian McGuinn.

The trip planner features MobileRVing.com’s “Preferred Campgrounds” and “Preferred RV Services”. The map is simple to use and offers powerful information during road trips. Users can find detailed information on campgrounds, RV Resorts and publicly held campgrounds within their given route. Additionally, users traveling through areas can find needed services near their location, wherever they may be. According to Brian the information contained within the route results is updated every year. The information is supplied by Southeast Publications another SEPI Marketing company. “Southeast Publications provides us with detailed information that is updated daily. We are adding new RV related businesses and campgrounds every day. We also expunge old information on places that might not even exist anymore.” states McGuinn.

Brian indicates that the RV Trip Planner can provide accuracy because consultants that work for Southeast Publications visit these places every year in person. These consultants will stay within each Preferred Property and update campground descriptions, amenities, contact information and pricing while they are staying at the park.  In addition, Southeast Publications consultants visit local businesses that cater to RV enthusiasts while they are visiting as well.  That information is immediately transmitted into MobileRVing.com which then also feeds the RV Trip Planner.

SEPI Marketing believes that the widget works well for RV related businesses and for certain campgrounds. “We currently have a few State Parks that use MobileRVing within their interactive kiosks that are found in educational centers within their campgrounds. They feel it is a useful tool for visitors and tends to get quite a bit of engagement.”

SEPI will offer this highly robust Trip Planner at no cost. “We believe it is really going to build engagement for many outdoor recreation websites and businesses that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Imagine staying at the property and when a guest asks for a recommendation for place to eat, you can refer that guest back to your website to check the planner. The planner will give specific directions where to find these places.” states McGuinn.

The widget is mobile friendly according to SEPI Marketing and will work with any mobile ready website. RV Resorts and Campgrounds can update their profiles within MobileRVing.com simply by registering as a resort user. They can update their profile’s activities, pricing, marketing message, pictures, videos and more in real time.

Currently MobileRVing.com has 60,000 registered users. McGuinn states, “Our content is free. In other words, you don’t have to sign in as a user to consume our content. However, we have resort users that want to update their campground profiles, businesses that want to update their pictures and specials, and campers can enjoy saving their RV trips, creating camping wish lists and connect with other RV enthusiasts.”

Brian believes this highly targeted audience is fueling the Trip Planners growth within the RV community. SEPI will offer support services for widget installations and will be making further improvements to the trip planner over time.


To add this widget to your website simply copy the code, paste within a page on your website and size the frame to your best advantage.


Code (Copy below line)

<iframe src=”https://mobilerving.com/rv-route-planner” height=”500″ width=”300″></iframe>


That is IT!!!!



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