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SEPI Marketing has been in the print industry for over 30 years. In the first year of business, the founder, Peter Warrick had only a handful of jobs. Today, Southeast Publications if projected to service over 1,600 RV Resorts and campgrounds.

This May, SEPI Marketing will be touting its first full year of web design and development and already it is having a better start than the print business. Director of Web Development Joshua Nold states, “in our first year we have acquired over 25 projects and not all of these were straight web design. While we’ve developed some completely unique and complex front end websites, we’ve also produced an advanced CRM system for one of our resorts that can do everything from creating contracts to managing their A/R.”

Joshua also brandishes the fact that all their websites, even their CRM are created to be mobile friendly. For pages that need to be seen on Google, Josh indicates that each website employs the latest search optimization best practices and as part of their maintenance package, when a current practice becomes antiquated, he updates all his partner’s websites in real time.

“Every single one of our websites is unique. We do not say, here are three templates to choose from, we custom build every website to meet the specific needs of our customers. We also take great pride in ensuring that their branding is front and center.” Per Joshua.

Sources inside the company also indicate that this move was a natural evolution of their business. “We employ over 17 graphic design artists and some of have been with us for over 20 years. We know the industry and the designs associated with it. We know what works and doesn’t from a user experience as well.” Per Brian McGuinn, Director of Business Development.

Brian believes that this department will more than double within the next year. “Now we have a robust portfolio of work we can display. We’ve even created both native apps for iTunes and Android but we’ve also built App Wraps as well. The sheer diversity of design and programming that we can do will begin to matriculate through the outdoor recreation space and we’ll begin to be recognized for our low prices merged with high quality.”

The company explains that under their web design programs, they can have websites ready to go within a month. Their hosting package includes time for maintenance every month, search engine optimization, weekly reporting, weekly back-ups and access to their own cPanel. Most of the packages also includes an SSL certificate and ADA compliance.

SEPI Marketing, offers all prospective customers that currently have a website a free website analysis. This report is intended to see where your website is strong and where it needs help. Joshua also offers his expertise to fix issues on the current website, even if the customer chooses to keep the current design.

For more information call 800-832-3292 and ask for Joshua, Brian or Jennifer.

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