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Cabela’s Displays Southeast Publications Art in Camping Section

Acworth, Georgia – Cabela’s, a retail mainstay that stocks huge inventory of hunting, fishing and camping supplies, features site map displays produced by Southeast Publications.

The displays feature various Georgia State Parks and are located within the camping section of their store. Georgia State Parks are popular RV and camping destinations and have been partners of Southeast Publications for decades.

Brian McGuinn, Director of SEPI Marketing states, “For a well-known, highly respected retailer of the outdoor recreation industry to feature our work, tells us we are doing something right.” Brian further explains Southeast Publications involvement in state park systems has grown and is primarily a result of the referrals they receive from state park system to state park system.

Right now, we are involved with 27 state park systems and are about to increase that number soon. Many state park systems realize that the involvement of local businesses through advertising actually creates a solid ally.” At the Southeast Publications conference in March, Alabama State Park Director Gregory Lein made mention of how businesses and their voters stood up for the system recently when the threat of disaster loomed over the system.

Sources inside Southeast Publications state that the company continues to expand. Earlier this month Southeast Publications hired two additional graphic designers and two more account managers to their staff of 40 regular employees. Ten additional contracting teams have signed with Southeast Publications in 2017, and the company indicates that they already are projecting to work over 125 additional RV resorts this year.

Carlene Morris, Vice President of SEPI states, “I’m so proud of our team of artists and account managers. They work so hard to produce results that land them in places like Cabela’s. The work we are producing now is hands down, the best it has ever been. The company states that recent additions to their graphic design software is allowing them to tighten up their work and make their guides the sharpest they’ve ever been.



Brian McGuinn

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