Southeast Publications RV Show Booth

February 1st, Plantation, FL – Southeast Publications announced that it had distributed over 10,000 partner campground guest guides in the month of January. As part of the Southeast Publication’s suite of services, tradeshow promotions are another way Southeast Publications can reach RV Travelers to highlight their partner campgrounds.

In January, Southeast Publications attended the South Carolina RV Show, Tampa Super Show, Chattanooga RV Show and the Atlanta RV Show. The booth highlighted the guest guides in racks and allowed the RV Traveler to choose where their next destination would be. Business Development Director Brian McGuinn states, “Our partners have some amazing properties. While our digital platform, reaches hundreds of thousands of travelers each month, we know RV Travelers still enjoy holding these guest guides and using them to help in their travel decisions.”

Southeast Publications also used the booth space to promote, their RV Travel search engine. Visitors received shirts, universal cell phone holders and a magazine that explains how to use the website. Shawn Strawser, who worked three of the for-RV shows indicated, “Our booth was slammed, we must have shown over four hundred people each show how to download our Mobile App. What was most interesting is that the people liked the fact that the app shows them RV related services near them. Most said they found it very handy.”

Matt and Vicki Hulbert worked the Tampa Super Show Booth for Southeast Publications and indicated that they were out of their 6,000 Guest Guides by the end of Saturday at the show. Matt indicated that industry day Tuesday had nonstop traffic, which is typically not the case in years past.

Southeast Publications plans on doing a few shows in the summer and the Hershey Super Show in the fall again for 2017.

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