tradeshow booth pictureSEPI Marketing will promote campgrounds along with their two brands, and Southeast Publications at the Tampa Super show and the South Carolina RV show this month.

Southeast Publications uses the platform to promote their partner properties to RV Travelers by printing extra Guest Guides and distributing them at the show. Brian McGuinn, Director for Southeast Publications states, “Many of our campgrounds are busy taking care of their current customers or they just don’t have the resources to attend these shows. We take on these expenses because we are proud of our work and appreciate the relationships we have with our partners.”

Southeast Publications plans to distribute their partner Guest Guides in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee this year. They are projecting to distribute anywhere between 40 and 50 thousand Guest Guides. Businesses that are sponsored within these guides are also enjoying enhanced exposure helping them better connect with the RV Community.

The same as in business, will stand right beside Southeast Publications at these shows. is another platform that connects people with RV Resorts and businesses that support outdoor recreation. The website has segmented itself to offer RV Travelers a wide array of services from a free RV Travel directory to a Social Media Network and all the way to a robust editorial publication that gives excellent travel ideas to the camping community.

Jennifer Solorzano, webmaster of Southeast Publications states, “Normally our traffic numbers in November and December are down because of the holidays and many northern campgrounds are closing for the season. This year is different, had three times the traffic we had last December. We are having a record number of properties claiming their listing and more than 500 businesses updating their profile every month.”

SEPI Marketing attributes their attendance to the RV shows as a major contributor to the rapid growth of Carlene Morris, Vice President of SEPI Marketing indicates, “It’s one thing to understand web traffic, it’s another thing to understand the customer.” Carlene is referring to web platforms in general that tout traffic but seldom go out to interact with their target audience. “I mean, how can you be sure your traffic is your target customer? You can postulate that the content your serving up is geared to them but that is conjecture. In the booth, we ask and they tell us what they want to see on our platforms.”

In 2017 SEPI Marketing is looking to further expand its marketing efforts to bring awareness of the many benefits of using their platform. In 2016, over nine million campground Guest Guides promoting their preferred properties and preferred businesses. The special designation of a Preferred Property refers to a set of characteristics of a Campground or RV Resort that makes them a desirable place for an RV traveler to visit. Preferred Businesses have a similar set of attributes as well which gives them their designation.

RV Travelers can either view these businesses or properties on, MobileRVing 2.0 (Mobile application) or simply look for the “preferred” decals. In 2016, SEPI printed and distributed 17,000 Preferred Business Decals and 1,750 Preferred Property decals as well.

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