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December 1st, 2016, Plantation, FL – SEPI Marketing announced that its RV media network, MobileRVing.com, is set to end 2016 with some big website traffic numbers, recording over 1.36 million visits and over 32 million page views.

MobileRVing.com is an RV Travel Search engine that helps RV Travelers choose their next destination. With over 21,000 RV Resorts and Campgrounds listed within the site, MobileRVing.com includes all places available for camping, from private to public lands, to marinas and all the way to membership properties.

The search engine does gives priority to “Preferred Properties”, and that’s because local businesses that surround each “Preferred Property”, sponsor their MobileRVing.com profile and placement within the website. This allows local businesses an opportunity to help educate outdoor enthusiasts on the best locations to camp nearest to their businesses that cater especially to the broader RV Traveling community.

In addition to that, each property is also visited by SEPI Marketing associates so they too can experience each property to determine if it does in fact have all the necessary qualifications to merit the “Preferred Property” designation.

Even though local businesses may sponsor a campground and SEPI Marketing associates visit these locations, the overall “Preferred Property” designation can be overturned if a resort has too many negative RV Traveler reviews. Per Brian McGuinn, Director of MobileRVing.com Business, “MobileRVing.com is truly for the RV Traveler by the RV Traveler and we will always listen to our community which currently grows anywhere from 500 to 1000 new website registrations each month and so far, there are over 1000 reviews placed by our community.”

MobileRVing.com, while primarily an RV Travel search engine, does have its own editorial arm, MRV The Buzz, and a social media network MRV Connect. MRV The Buzz was launched in March of 2016 but has quickly gained attention both in and outside of the United States with strong viewership in Australia, England and the Netherlands. In a statement by SEPI Marketing, their “Outdoor Destinations”, articles are excellent resources for international travelers to not only find unique places and engaging experiences, but each article recommends a “Preferred Property” closest to these locations which further aids international guests in planning their trips.

MRV Connect, has its advantages too. Users can catalog their trips year over year, log the miles they’ve driven, keep a journal that they can share elements of within their network or keep just for themselves. The website also has the MRV Connect Gypsy, a friendly global poster that gives advice on places to visit and RV service specials.

The recent growth does not include the SEPI Marketing’s mobile application viewership which has over 30,000 users in under just one year. SEPI Marketing has indicated the recent website growth almost triples their previous year’s traffic and they expect that next year’s growth will more than triple 2016’s projected close.

Per McGuinn, “This year we will have printed over 9 million guest guides that are handed to RV travelers. MobileRVing has a presence within over half of these Guest Guides. We believe that our integrated marketing approach with print and digital, will continue to boost our viewership which will drive traffic to our customers and their sponsors.”

McGuinn has also commented that when a sponsor signs with SEPI Marketing, over the past year they’ve been shipped window decals that promote their business on MobileRVing.com. These decals were shipped to over 17,000 outdoor recreation sponsors in 2015 and again in 2016. “We are getting to a point where the MobileRVing brand is partitioning its traffic effectively amongst print, social, direct and organic search, as each is channel is experiencing similar viewership growth.


Brian McGuinn

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