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November 1st, Plantation, Florida – SEPI Marketing’s division, Southeast Publications, is sponsoring ARVC, Cruise Inn and KOA events, and  also is announcing show specials at all  ARVC, KOA, Cruise Inn and Yogi campground industry tradeshows in November.

Director of Business Development and Marketing, Brian McGuinn states, “This year is special for us, and it’s all because of our campground partners and the Small Businesses that support camping and outdoor recreation.”

Brian continued to explain that their Southeast Publications division has received and explosion of growth both in its Guest Guide publications and its digital advertising business. “We are poised to end 2016 with having printed over 9 million guest guides and serviced nearly 18,000 small businesses nationwide. Our digital advertising revenue has also increased 300% over last year and this is because our campground partners and their respective advertisers are seeing profitable results from our print/digital, combined media platform.”

According to  the company, this year’s success means specially offered services that are going to be at the OHCE, EXPO, Cruise Inn and Symposium, will be at a fraction of the price usually offered for these services within the market. “Stop by.” Said Carlene Morris, Vice President of Southeast Publications. “The more partners we develop, the more we can give back to campground owners and these offers are proof of how much our service works for the betterment of our industry.”

Southeast Publications already offers most services free and until recently, that only included creating guest guides. Partners of Southeast Publications now receive free Guest Guides, oversized all Weather Banners, Digital Advertising on, MobileRVing 2.0, MRV Connect, MRV the Buzz, Free Tradeshow Guest Guide Distribution, Resort Filming with Crews, Newsletter Advertising and Social Media Advertising.  All at no cost and paid for through small business.

“We have something special for existing campground partners and new friends.” says Carlene Morris.

Per McGuinn, these shows also represent and opportunity to discuss strategy with campground owners. “We are advocates for camping; both our advertisers and Southeast Publications need for you to be successful to prosper and we encourage you to stop by our booth to talk about ways to improve your reach into the consumer market.”

McGuinn is sending a general invitation to those campgrounds that have questions regarding, digital media marketing or business process improvement. “If you print your own guest guide, market your own property, or do anything that Southeast Publications does, but maybe have a question about process or marketing strategy, throw it by me. We all are working towards the same goal, development of our respective businesses. These conversations might not be headed toward a partnership but it might be a necessary step to formulating a solution that works. The best part, its free.”

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